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Interview with Neuroscientist Shonte’ Jovan Taylor

Your Brain

Your relationship with your brain rules every aspect of life. Yet, in today’s world, rife with emotional and pollutional toxicity, it’s way too easy to be ruled by your brain, rather than you being in charge.

“Brain hygiene” plays a prominent role in everyday world-life interactions and perceptions. This includes work, relationships and even cultural perceptions such as politics and inter-racial justice. 

In this show you will learn:

  • What part of your brain responds with fear.
  • How to better control your “reactive” fearful brain.
  • Who are the brain heroes.
  • How toxins play a role in brain health.
  • How hormones play a role in brain health.
  • How the brain and inter-racial perceptions interact.
  • And more.

Shonte’ Jovan Taylor

Shonte’ has a BA and Masters in Neuroscience, is in the middle of her PhD program, and took a break to start her OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Training Institute.

Shonte’ holds yearly neuroscience symposiums and had asked Dr. Berkson to co-lecture at one, a few years past. They have been interactive and mutually respective colleagues ever since.

In Shonte’s OptiMind Neuroscience Institute she instructs that if you learn how to “rule your brain” you can “rule your world”.

To be a successful yet peaceful person, to contribute to world peace and evolution, it is critical to learn how to master your brain so it doesn’t enslave yourself and your actions, even unconsciously. Especially unconsciously.

This show is about awakening and opening and utilizing your highest potential.

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