Dr. Leo Galland practices in the epicenter of the worst outbreak of Covid-19 in the US, in Manhattan. He is a board-certified internist and specialist in immunology and Integrative Medicine and has quickly become a medical spokesperson for COVID-19 in NY and the country. In addition, Dr. Galland has authored 40 scientific articles and written chapters for numerous textbooks including Integrative Gastroenterology and Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition. 

In this show you will learn:

  • How COVID-19 uses ACE2 receptors to enter the body.
  • How “unhealthy” ACE2 receptors put us at increased risk of getting very ill once infected with COVID-19.
  • Which nutrients support healthy ACE2 receptors.
  • What diseases are linked with unhealthy ACE2 receptors.
  • The role of enabling “furins”.
  • Which dietary flavonoids are protective and what forms are the most absorbable.
  • How social distancing may not only reduce rate of cases but also the virulence and infectivity of this virus.

80% of people that get COVID-19 will not get very ill. 20% go on to get very ill and 5% may die. Our goal is to learn how to become part of the 80% if infected.

You will also learn about biology of viruses and COVID-19 that are not known by many… yet. 

Dr. Galland’s practice is grounded in 3 principles:

  1. Search for the root causes of each person’s illness; don’t just suppress symptoms with drugs.
  2. Treat every patient and every illness as unique.
  3. Choose treatments that enhance rather than suppress normal function, whenever possible.

Dr. Galland uses these principles in his approach and description of this global pandemic we are all now facing. 

This is a must not miss show.

Pass this on to save lives.

Editor’s Note: After the show, Dr. Galland wrote to Dr. Berkson that he loved the interview. “ Great to see you and so good to talk to an intelligent person who understands biology”

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