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Progesterone’s emergent novel medical applications—a revolution in health care!


Recently a dear friend of mine, a lawyer, called because her sister-in-law was experiencing dire throat neuropathy secondary to chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer. My friend wanted to know if there were any natural treatments that might reduce the discomfort and allow her sister-in-law to eat normally again. Answer? Natural biologically-identical progesterone. Progesterone has long been regarded as mainly a female hormone, but now a growing appreciation of the diverse physiological actions of progesterone reveal its use in a variety of disorders in men, women, and sometimes even in children. A review article, from researchers at several Departments of Pharmacology associated [...]

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OXYTOCIN The New Hormonal Kid On The Clinical Block By Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson (Author of soon launching SEXY—better health with bigger “O’s”)   Modern Dilemma. In America today, marital relationships and personal moods seem pretty hard to hold together. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Studies say 20 to 72% of husbands commit adultery and 10 to 54% of wives do likewise . Try as we may to achieve happy relationships, many fail. Moods are murky. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults and cost one-third of all monies spent on mental health. The National Center for Health Statistics shows that [...]


Hormones and MS, can hormone replacement help MS?


Often people get a diagnosis of a disease and they are told they will have this disease for life and the only choices are medications and learning to live with the situation. But this is not necessarily so. Hormones, along with other novel therapies, including diet, may hold promising answers for improvement and possibly even remission for some individuals. Your own physician may not know about these therapies, but search around for those who work with alternative therapies such as these to at least consider other options. They are often inexpensive and have a high safety profile so you have nothing [...]

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