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Can Cancer Survivors Take Hormones? (#119)


In the introduction, you will learn one of the new uses for oxytocin as well as a huge meta-analysis review study demonstrating that the most commonly used drugs for Alzheimer’s disease not only don’t work but make dementia worse.The major part of this show discusses the science on how “maleness” protects “femaleness” — how Mother Nature designed breasts to be protected by male sex steroid hormone signals.Dr. Berkson dives into the peer review literature from 2010 to the present. We explore the use of testosterone therapy immediately “after” breast cancer treatment has ended, and one case study in which testosterone and aromatase inhibitor [...]

Can Cancer Survivors Take Hormones? (#119)2019-06-28T14:40:55-05:00

MANopause – Male Hormones After 40 (#112)


  There is a documented epidemic of low testosterone (T) in males, even young males. Insufficient T is not only linked to erectile dysfunction, it is being reproducibly linked to dying prematurely (losing a few years off your life) from diverse causes, referred to as all-cause mortality. Sufficient levels of T, often higher than the lower end of most lab reference ranges, prevents a long list of serious illnesses such as cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and Type-2 Diabetes. One of the first symptoms of insufficient T is low energy. This is because testosterone protects mitochondria, the energy production [...]

MANopause – Male Hormones After 40 (#112)2019-10-02T14:52:14-05:00

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)


    Dr. Jack Monaco is a board certified OB/GYN, anti-aging functional medicine MD along with a masters in nutrition. Dr. Berkson and Dr. Monaco were lecturing together at PCCA, sponsor of symposiums for pharmacists, MDs and NPs. It was a meeting of the minds immediately. This is a must-not miss show that will arm you with knowledge and hormone power. You get “in on” a masterful dialogue on hormones that will answers many of your questions! Dr. Jack is known for downloading complex information rapidly, making it very easy and very entertaining to grasp. As well as making it easy [...]

Hormones After 50 With Gynecologist Jack Monaco (#111)2019-09-06T13:48:04-05:00

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)


  Today’s show explores your microbiomes, difference between breast biomes that "live" in a breast with cancer versus healthy breast tissue, and even how pollution can attack these microbes. You will learn how to "test" and "caretake" your precious biomes. You’ll also learn how Pollution Attacks Your Biomes and what you can do about it.  Inside the human body are nooks and crannies, called biomes, teeming with microbial life that includes viruses, bacteria and fungi.  We have “biomes” throughout our entire body. We have biomes in our eyes (the ocular biome), mouth (oral biome), in our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon [...]

Microbiomes, Breast Milk Biomes, Breast Cancer Biomes & Biome Cross-Talk (#110)2020-02-20T14:48:11-06:00

Is Venus Worth Less Than Mars in Medicine? (#96)


    How might women get a bad rap in medicine and what you might do about it? What role does gender bias play in medicine? Dr. Berkson and Sellma Vllasi, FNP-C, practiced in the same family medicine clinic for 6 years and still share many patients. Vllasi is an integrative and functional medicine nurse practitioner, team leader of the Wiseman Family Practice (in charge of provider education) and previously was a labor and delivery nurse for eight years. Today’s show explores: Gender bias and differences in medicine (from diagnosis to treatment and insurance reimbursement) Gender differences in provider’s perceptions Women [...]

Is Venus Worth Less Than Mars in Medicine? (#96)2019-06-28T14:41:06-05:00

Sugar Shockers & Scams


Why You Should Make This One New Year's Resolution, and Stick to It When we think of New Year’s resolutions, we think of losing weight, exercising more, drinking less or not for a while… but more scientific research now says sugar addiction is often overlooked as the most destructive and deadly force of all. Emerging and replicated research shows people who consume lots of sugar are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease. Studies say sugar feeds cancer cells and boost the risk of Alzheimer's. Then there is sugar's link to diabetes, and the list goes on. That's [...]

Sugar Shockers & Scams2019-06-28T14:41:09-05:00

Sugar No More (#90)


      Sugar Shockers & Scams. Why you should make this one “New Year’s Resolution” and stick to it! Dr. Berkson 1 hr. show. Jan. 5 2018 You will learn the differences between sugars, how to read labels like never before, and about the Harvard & New England Journal of Medicine “Sugar Scam” on the public that is still happening in variations on a theme. You’ll get angry and for a good reason! You will learn the peer-review based sugar-links with leaky gut, post-prandial (after meals) bacterial translocation, fatty liver disease, inflammation (and the new anti-inflammatory molecule on the block [...]

Sugar No More (#90)2019-06-28T14:41:09-05:00

Your body loves blue food. So does your vagina. Especially if you’re being treated for cervical cancer. 6 of my favorite protective blue food ideas.


Twelve thousand women a year are diagnosed with cervical cancer. It's treated with radiation. Researchers from the University-Columbia now show that blueberry extract makes the radiation work more effectively. Blueberries, it turns out, are "radio-sensitizers". Blue berry extract, when given along with radiation, make unhealthy cervical cancer cells respond better, die more, when exposed to radiation. In a joint cell study from the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine, the University of Missouri School of Medicine, and The Affiliated Hospital of Xiangnan University, in China, they found: Cervical cancer cells treated with radiation alone decreased cancer cell growth by 20%. [...]

Your body loves blue food. So does your vagina. Especially if you’re being treated for cervical cancer. 6 of my favorite protective blue food ideas.2020-03-03T15:26:47-06:00

An Herb That Balances Hormones + great tasty recipe


Herbs - A Powerful Tool in Medicine: The science behind the clinical use of herbs and essential oils to help heal diverse health issues is on a huge upswing. Just one example is the use of essential oils as adjunctive (additional) therapies for breast and prostate cancer patients. I have been strategically using herbs and essential oils as adjunctive care for cancer patients for many years. To cite all the peer-reviewed articles (science based) that demonstrate efficacy of herbs and essential oils against cancer cells would take many pages. At the end of this article I list a number of citations [...]

An Herb That Balances Hormones + great tasty recipe2020-02-25T13:05:28-06:00

Pancreatic cancer hope


Dr. Burt Berkson, through years of practice and success, has designed a protocol for pancreatic cancer. Dr. Berkson is a specialist in alpha lipoic acid. He and I both authored books for Wiley and they launched at the same time. By mistake we got boxes of each others books as we both lived in New Mexico back then (my book was Healthy Digestion the Natural Way). That's how the fickle finger of fate had me find out about him. I had a friend get diagnosed and told her and her docs. But even though they had no answers for her, they [...]

Pancreatic cancer hope2019-02-14T13:42:49-06:00

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