In this show you will hear:

  • We need to be guided by science, but science doesn’t have black-and-white answers.
  • A call for common sense and reason.
  • A need to not be nonchalant about steroids.
  • Steroids and Bones
  • Steroids and Clots
  • Steroids and Your Immune System
  • Steroids and Glaucoma
  • Comparing Mask Material by the University of Arizona
  • Food, Probiotics and Depression
  • Aging Plasticity, Chronic low-grade Inflammation, Belly Fat and Eosinophils
  • Sugar consumption when pregnant: what starts in the womb….

That Gut Overlapping your Belt

Your belly fat, not under your skin but deeper inside your abdomen, adversely effects immune function. And drives you to age faster than you would have if you had less belly fat. And is not great during COVID!

Too much belly fat = immune cell imbalance = faster aging = more COVID vulnerability.

Tune in to hear what is coming down the pike to do about all this. This is a great show to keep you up to date and as healthy as you can be!

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